Once. I wanted

Once. I wanted Try from all forces to avoid comparisons.

I have twins, and on one school action mine the daughter was the focus of attention, read history and sat in the middle of a scene.

A problem of its bratablizneets was pozvo thread in a hand bell.


I wanted to cry from offenses for it.

But when I saw both of them then, it shone with pride also spoke: You saw me?

You saw me?

I called!

He knew that his sister is able to read, and he not is able, but his thoughts were occupied more with that he made well.

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Claire X. Not to strike

Claire X. Not to strike Almost everything, as for children, demands efforts, time and return.

And they will be required from you to or after a certain event to understand in the conflicts and offenses.

From own experience I know, that it is easier to think over in advance, in what direction How to stimulate good behavior to move, than to choose the wrong and to correct consequences.

Claire X.

Not to strike with the person in dirt Children, as well as adults, hard transfer sneers and cover niya.

If you want to avoid the conflicts, quarrels and a shame, to you it is not necessary to shame the child or to put in awkward put scientific research institute in the face of people around if only you do not have another exit.

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It is the worst

It is the worst But here the girl has to postakratsya after all to exempt herself from sense of guilt for these problems in the relations.

Both the boy needs the father, and the girl needs emotional sympathy from the one who more ripened.

It is very important that the child could find such person out of a family in the person of the mentor, the trainer, the mature companion, but not at the contemporaries.

It is the worst scenario, it leads to very bad result.

For the girl the godmother can give necessary support.

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These are all fictions

These are all fictions The government could not protect a family from the corporate pressure of employers.

Many people cannot afford care of own children more.

Highquality yaselny leaving for small children simply does not exist.

These are all fictions of the engaged magazines.

Your heart is restless because of it?

You will be able to find the best way.



Most of readers will ask this book for the help in the solution of a question, whether it is worth defining the chest baby or the child who is already starting going to a day day nursery.

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Conditionally Special talent And at last, there is one additional category.

Conditionally it was possible to call it special talent.

At these children one of types of intelligence therefore they need special care and support is especially strongly expressed and should not stop in the development, differently lose motivation and miss.

The fear of failure can keep them from mastering new skills.

But when the child completely felt, got support from adults, he starts developing other manifestations of intelligence and character necessary for him to conduct the happy and filled life to develop the special talent and to have courage to undertake other spheres of the relations and activity.

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